Ultimate #DhakaRW2016 Foodie

This year's #DhakaRW2016 promises to be lot bigger than last time, and hence the stakes are higher too. Hence, the more active a Foodie you are, more the chance you win something almost EVERYDAY :)


Top Foodiez of #DhakaRW2016


Sign up your Foodie account here as you plan your Restaurant week visits, review them, take pictures and share on your Foodiez profile as well as post on the event page with a Hashtag #DhakaRW2016. Top 10 Most Active Foodiez with "Helpful" reviews and popular pictures from 5th to 14th May will be rewarded.

Most Active Foodie who has been to Many Different Restaurants during #DhakaRW2016 and posted their experience, reviews, pictures, Selfies here, has chance to win these Smartphones.

  • Lumia Smartphones (one 640 Xl and two 430 Dual SIM) (Three Smartphones)
  • Taka 3000 Vouchers on any products in any shop of Gadget and Gear (Three Vouchers)
  • Gift Vouchers from #Foodiez (Mugs, T Shirts etc)

Winners will be announced after the week, after all verification of data and pictures and Spam accounts.


  • You must have a Foodie Account and have your Food/Restaurant Reviews at the Website (http://www.foodiez.com.bd/Reviewers/Register)
  • Based on your Accumulated points, Top 10 will win these gifts.
  • Point system: Foodograph: 6 points, Restaurant and Menu Review: 3 points, Helpful Vote: 1 point, Followers @ your Foodie profile: 3 points for each.


Top Healthy Foodie of #DhakaRW2016


  • Foodie who will be most active on Social Media with their Visited Restaurants from #DhakaRW2016 and share their Food Reviews, Healthy eating pictures and the meals they found healthy with the Hashtags #DhakaRW2016 and #eatwell_livewell will win a Free One Year Membership worth BDT 60,000 at Ruslan's Studio (https://www.facebook.com/ruslansstudio/?pnref=lhc)
  • Some of the Restaurants who are providing Healthy meals (For Example: Quench) will be the perfect example of such contests :).
  • Criteria: Our Judge Panel from Ruslan's Studio will check all the Posts on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/events/2004476546443393/) and Website (http://www.foodiez.com.bd/) with Hashtags and choose the right #Foodie who deserves the membership, after the Week.


Top Daily #FoodiezApp users


  • Ten Foodiez who have the Andriod App (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.foodiez.android&hl=en) and shares at least one experience (Reviews, Pictures, Reserves a Table and then avails it) will win a Free CheeseCake Brownie from Tabaq.
  • We will Monitor the daily Activity of our #FoodiezApp users and send Coupons on the App 48 hours later.
  • These Coupons can be Redeemed till 20th May 2016 from any of the Tabaq Shops (JFP or Ananya Shopping Mall)


Contest: Top #Foodie of the Day


  • Become the most active Foodie of any partner day from 5th to 14th May during #DhakaRW2016 and get yourself a Tk 3000 Voucher from Gadget and Gear, which can be redeemed from any of their shop.
  • You have to post your activity on social media with a HashTag of #DhakaRW2016 and have to share that on our official event page (https://www.facebook.com/events/2004476546443393/)